A Teton Winter – Landscape and Wildlife Video

With both cameras still out for repair, I put together another video, this time using many more clips and even incorporating some time-lapse sequences. I had been wanting to put together a longer video to do this, but never did find a song long enough that fit the mood I was looking for. I went back to another track from zero-project, the same artist I used in my first time-lapse video compilation, and found the music not only perfect for what I was wanting, but was long enough to give me the flexibility I needed in adding in more diversity in the clips.

Most clips come from Grand Teton National Park, however for frequent visitors to the area, you might also recognize some bison and waterfalls from Yellowstone National Park, bighorn sheep from the National Elk Refuge and mountain goats from the Snake River Canyon. There’s also a clip from Bridger-Teton National Forest that includes a moose and calf, as well as a time-lapse clip at the very end of the video that was shot in Moran, Wyoming just as the sky unexpectedly burst open with color. Wolves, beavers, trumpeter swans, foxes, porcupine and more also make up the wildlife found in the video.

All time-lapses were shot with a Canon 5D, with the exception of the first two which were shot with a Canon 7D. The 7D was also used to shoot all video.

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