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Why America Needs More Predators

Black Wolf

There has always been a voice in the United States that has never liked predator species. In the past, this voice was so strong and powerful that they virtually eliminated all but the most elusive predators from the lower 48, excluding black bears. Once many other predators were gone by the 1930’s, black bears’ numbers began to steadily grow thanks to being spared the wrath of hatred.… Keep reading...

Grizzly Bear Controversy from the Grand Teton National Park Elk Hunt

Grizzly Bear #399 Behind Spruce Tree

The annual Grand Teton National Park Elk Reduction Hunt has been the subject of controversy for a number of years now, but following the death of a male grizzly along the Snake River, tensions began to escalate between a growing movement of people opposing the hunt, and the park itself.

The hunt has become something of a joke to those who oppose it.… Keep reading...

Put Down the Camera

North Fork of Cascade Canyon

Whether we’re photographers or not, one thing we all want to do when we see a beautiful scene or something we’ve never seen before is to immediately capture it to have some kind of documentation, or even proof that it happened. As a result, it’s almost as if we’re not quite getting the full experience of such a scene, particularly the emotion that would otherwise infuse us with cherished memories of such a place or event.… Keep reading...

When to See Wildlife in Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole

Bison and Teton Mountains

Below I’ve charted out the best times of the year to see the most requested wildlife in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. Below the chart, I’ve described the reasoning for those times of the year, as well as areas that those particular animals frequently are seen. Keep in mind that nature works on its own schedule, so even though a box might be marked as red (not a good time to see it) you can still see it.… Keep reading...