USB Memory Direct Review

USB Memory Direct Custom Drives

I was recently approached by USB Memory Direct to share my thoughts on their custom USB drives. The products themselves make for great keepsakes, as well as everyday use for my household! Read on to check out my thoughts.

USB Memory Direct sent me a beautiful batch of their Tower Wood Flash Drives in 8gb to work with, and while 8gb may not be very much by today’s standards, I was reminded that that size can still function quite well in every day usage. The 8gb size is still plenty for transferring large files quickly and easily around the house, and even for packing on a large number of photos for sharing or even presentation use. Of course just because I received the 8gb model doesn’t mean that’s all they offer. As of this writing, they offer USB 3.0 models up to 128gb!

The Tower drives themselves are quite beautiful, using a finely cut wood for the casing with my logo printed clearly in white on top. The end result is a refined and gorgeous drive that stands out from the traditional techy drives that tend to dominate the shops. While my personal preference was the darker shade, they have plenty of other varieties of wood types to choose from, each to satisfy a different preference and brand.

Likewise, the drives themselves function wonderfully and I have yet to experience any hiccups in reliability or functionality. My only concern in this regard was seeing that the caps for the Tower drives use magnets to stay on, though thus far, it has not seemed to interfere with either the drives or any computer they’ve been attached to. Of course I’m sure they were also very conscious of this in testing as well.

All in all, I’m quite happy with the product and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an upgrade with their standard USB drive usage, particularly if you’re looking to have a solid custom branded USB drive as a gift or keepsake.

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