Sun Setting Above Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Delta Lake and the Grand Teton

This was one of those shots that I wasn’t in much of a hurry to process simply because I didn’t really like the way it looked before bringing it into Photoshop to see what I could do with it. After a couple of quick edits just to see what happened, however, it began taking form and I simply kept going until I had this. It’s one of those images that just brings you into the zone and then all of a sudden after a short while you find yourself pleasantly surprised with an image that you begin growing fonder of that you originally weren’t all that excited to process. This is another image from last week’s quick backpacking trip up to Delta Lake.

Delta Lake is rather unique lake in the Teton Range of Grand Teton National Park. While most high-elevation glacial lakes have a pristine, bold blue about them, Delta Lake is more of a brilliant turquoise color. What makes it turquoise is that it’s fed directly by Teton Glacier which carries minerals into the lake just below. In addition to that, the Grand Teton is directly in front of you giving you about as close of a view as you’re going to get of it without climbing up. Although after staring at it for a bit there you’ll be tempted to!

For those reasons, Delta Lake continues to be one of my favorite destinations in the Tetons, though there’s still quite a bit left to explore!

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