Bull Elk Running Through Fog in Black and White

Bull Elk Running Through Fog

Foggy and frozen days make for some great landscapes around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you’re lucky enough to find some wildlife, however, it adds a whole other dimension and depth to the photo. As I was driving into town on the first of two consecutive foggy days we had recently, I saw a small herd of bull elk acting up a bit. By the time I pulled over and got my camera out, they began running for no apparent reason other than to give me something interesting to shoot. They literally only ran about 100-200 yards, but it made for some great shots!

In addition, I had been wanting to go back to some of my photos and see if any would make some good black and white prints. For some reason I tested this one out and while it’s not one I would normally give the black and white treatment, something seemed to work on it. Perhaps it took some of the focus from the sagebrush in the foreground and solidified the action onto the elk. Either way, I’m happy with it.


  1. Stunning photo, well done Mike!

  2. Stunning photo, well done Mike!

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