Month: December 2008

Bighorn Sheep from the National Elk Refuge


Here’s a young bighorn sheep lamb from earlier this week when I headed into the National Elk Refuge. They’re more of the interesting creatures to watch, whether they’re just feeding in the snow, or scrambling across cliffs.… Keep reading...

Two Bull Moose in Evening Light

Bull Moose in Antelope Flats

These are two of the five bull moose I encountered last night.  The sun had already gone down and it seemed like their activity level was dropping by this point.  Thus, this was one of the last shots I got of them. I was really pleased with this shot since I was able to get a nice panorama of the Tetons with them as well.… Keep reading...

Aspen Trees in Alpine, Arizona

Trail Through Aspen Trees

The Mount Escudilla Trail in Alpine, Arizona, in the high country of the eastern part of the state, ascends up the third highest peak in Arizona.  The first mile or so, from where this shot comes from, is nothing but solid aspen trees for as far as you can see through them all.  … Keep reading...