USB Memory Direct Custom Drives

USB Memory Direct Review

USB Memory Direct Custom Drives

I was recently approached by USB Memory Direct to share my thoughts on their custom USB drives. The products themselves make for great keepsakes, as well as everyday use for my household! Read on to check out my thoughts.

USB Memory Direct sent me a beautiful batch of their Tower Wood Flash Drives in 8gb to work with, and while 8gb may not be very much by today’s standards, I was reminded that that size can still function quite well in every day usage.… Keep reading...

Where’s the Wildlife? – May

Sunset over Teton Mountains

May is one of the best times of the year for wildlife. With all the snow melted and vegetation at its healthiest, wildlife all over the valley is flourishing. In addition, offspring of many different animals are beginning to be born through the month, such as bison, moose, and many others.… Keep reading...

Where’s the Wildlife? – March

Clouds passing over Teton Mountains after sunrise

Bald Eagles

Bald eagles will not have changed much in terms of behavior in the last couple of months, so look for them along rivers such as the Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers.

A bald eagle flying over a break in the ice and snow

Beavers and Otters

With increasing snowpack beavers and otters will be difficult to find, though otters can still be found where winter’s grip has loosened a bit thanks to warming temperatures.… Keep reading...

Where’s the Wildlife – February

Heavy wind blowing snow over Jackson Hole

On most years, February is the snowiest month, solidifying winter’s grip by blanketing the landscape with poundings of snow. If wildlife wasn’t struggling by this point, they will be now. Though temperatures have warmed up slightly from January, the end of winter still feels like it’s way out of reach.

Bald Eagles

Bald eagles are frequently seen flying along the Snake River and its tributary, the Gros Ventre River.… Keep reading...