Grizzly Bear Cub of #399 Standing

Grizzly Bear Cub Standing

I’ve finally begun getting a good amount of photos done on the grizzlies and while I’m very happy with what I came back with, the itch to get back up there is growing stronger and stronger.

On one evening, Grizzly Bear #399 and her three new cubs were grazing in a field of wildflowers, offering up some incredible shots. The cubs look incredibly healthy and lucky for us, never get tired of playing. Naturally, crowds have begun growing as she makes her appearances, and while it’s wearing down the patience for some, it’s definitely nice to see this bear offering up so much happiness for so many people. Please continue to watch this bear at a respectful distance and they’ll be around for years to come to continue to spread the joy that they have been doing.

On a related note, I recently set up a new gallery specifically for Grizzly Bear #399 and her family: Grizzly Bear #399 Family. Feel free to browse around and hopefully many more photos will be added this season!

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