Teton Nights Time-Lapse Video

In our ongoing effort to get Dark Sky Certification for both Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park, the idea was thrown out to create a short time-lapse video highlighting Grand Teton National Park’s night skies. Here is the result: Teton Nights.

Since my return from Utah, I haven’t been able to shoot too many new time-lapses, but I was able to get a pretty good amount of new work to combine with some of my older time-lapses, all of which were shot within Grand Teton National Park’s boundaries. Going back through my archives, I was surprised how few night time-lapses I had that didn’t include northern lights. Though the auroras certainly act as good encouragement to get out and shoot, there were a number of instances in here where I went out simply to shoot the night sky and despite modest predictions, the auroras were still visible.

I’ve also already made a new year’s resolution to do more night shooting and time-lapses. I plan on carrying that attitude into the summer to get more night time-lapses from the backcountry as well.

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