Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah

Clouds Above Kodachrome Basin State Park

I actually can’t say enough great things about this state park! I had passed by it before a few times not thinking much of it and finally on my way back on this trip decided to stop in and see what it was all about. Kodachrome Basin State Park lies in southern Utah just off of Highway 12 about ten miles down a paved road starting from Cannonville, Utah. The state park branches off and heads north while the main road continues on and becomes a rough dirt road called Cottonwood Canyon Road bringing you through some impressive scenery of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The park itself features all kinds of uniquely eroded sandstone formations and is believed to have once been a Yellowstone-like area with geysers and hot-spots that have filled in. For this reason, there are dozens of chimney formations ranging from both sizes you can look down on and that will also dwarf you when near them.

While the scenery is quite nice, the campground itself immediately jumped very high on my places to return to for a few key reasons. First, it’s very well maintained and looks as though it’s brand new. Something I found very helpful on a road trip is that they also have unlimited hot showers. They’re on a timer, but you simply push the button and it will resume. The best part about the showers though is that they even have removable shower heads so you can get as clean as possible! Right next to the restrooms there’s also firewood for sale. The great thing about this firewood though is that it not only benefits the local boy scouts, but is also already cut into perfect burning sizes, unlike the typical bundles you get at a gas station, for example. Plus if you’ve got time to kill, there’s plenty of easy and moderate hikes to keep you busy throughout the day all offering outstanding sights!

For $16, I personally think that camping at Kodachrome Basin State Park is well worth it. Definitely check it out if you haven’t yet!

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  2. I really enjoyed hiking here – and I even got to show my parents around one weekend. We had a great time!

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