Month: November 2013

Fighting Light Pollution in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Milky Way Galaxy Over Jackson Hole

For millenia now, humans have gazed up at the night sky in search of answers, clarity, and self-awareness. The night sky has always been a treasure chest of wonderment and puzzles, revealing clues not just about our past as a race, but about ourselves as well. Today, the fascination that a dark sky provides has given way to urban sprawl and modern conveniences, consistently keeping us disconnected from finding real meaning in our lives.… Keep reading...

Fixing the Economy While Relieving Predator Tension

Bison Walking Closeup

The American West is currently in a state of tensioned flux. The Old West built the foundation for the very land that we have come to love so much. The New West is trying to alter it in ways that upsets much of what The Old West was founded on. Both sides ignite angst in the other.… Keep reading...