Dawn at Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend Winter Panoramic

I recently spent a few days up in Grand Teton National Park, finally taking advantage of a friend’s offer to use their guest bed at the employee housing of Jackson Lake Lodge. I spent much of my time in the Oxbow Bend area hoping to see some wildlife, but I only saw one fox who could run faster than I could grab my camera. The snow is still obviously very thick up there, which is probably why there was only one bear sighting the entire time I was there, despite plenty of tracks. You can see from this image of Oxbow Bend that eventhough it’s late in April, this image could easily pass for January. Interestingly enough it felt like it too when I was taking it.

Just make sure that when life hands you an opportunity, you jump on it (especially if it’s a bed!). Often, when we’re presented with such an opportunity, we put it in the back of our mind and just think of it as a kind gesture, not expecting that person to actually want us to fulfill that request. Well I did and it turned out to be plenty of fun for both of us and I was even able to get lots of shots that would normally require me to wake up an hour earlier. I went about it in a vacation sort of mentality, which was definitely needed given certain events that arose last week in my life.

People love company, especially when they’re good friends. So if you have a friend that offers you a place to stay in a place you don’t normally get to very much, it’s actually a good idea to make sure you take them up on it.

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