Black Bear Cub Standing Upright

Black Bear Cub Standing

One of my favorite shots of the bears has to be this one of a black bear cub and sow standing up. The other day I met up with some other local photographer friends who were patiently waiting for the bears to make yet another return along Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park. Naturally, they did, and since the weather was making for much better lighting situations this time around, shutters were clicking nearly nonstop. I began hoping for a new Canon 7D however when the buffer in my camera began filling up a number of times, preventing me from getting more shots of certain scenes. This was one such scene where my buffer had filled up and I noticed the two cubs that were eating off of a branch were left standing when the branch went back up. I held down the shutter button hoping for one shot and was able to snap this one away, which luckily came out perfectly!

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