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June 2011

Stormy Balsamroot Sunset

Sunset Thunderstorm Over Balsamroot Wildflowers

I’m taking a short break from all the grizzly bear posts for this wildflower shot I got shortly after it got too dark to continue photographing one of the bears. I was hoping for a better composition, but the light was changing so fast, I was lucky just to get this shot off!… Keep reading...

Grizzly Bear Cub of #399 Standing

Grizzly Bear Cub Standing

I’ve finally begun getting a good amount of photos done on the grizzlies and while I’m very happy with what I came back with, the itch to get back up there is growing stronger and stronger.

On one evening, Grizzly Bear #399 and her three new cubs were grazing in a field of wildflowers, offering up some incredible shots.… Keep reading...

Grizzly Bear #399 and Cub

Grizzly Bear #399 and Cub

After more than three years without seeing one of the primary factors that caused me to move up to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area, I finally got to see her once again! She had been making appearances on the days that I wasn’t up there, but Grizzly Bear #399 finally put on a spectacular show last night as she emerged in the golden light of the end of the day.… Keep reading...

‘Blondie’ Grizzly Bear and the Teton Mountains

'Blondie' Grizzly Bear of Grand Teton National Park

With both my cameras still out, a great friend let me borrow her 50D so that I could get my fix and actually click a shutter again. It was a tremendous day in terms of wildlife, but the encounter in getting this shot sent chills down my spine.

I was heading north in Grand Teton National Park hoping for a chance encounter with Grizzly Bear #399 after hearing the news that she has three new cubs that were spotted with her on Sunday.… Keep reading...

Grizzly Bear #610 and Yearling Cubs Video

With my cameras still out, I thought it might be a good idea to go back to some of the video I shot and put together compilations of specific animals. I started with what little video I did get of Grizzly Bear #610 and her two yearling cubs up in Grand Teton National Park.… Keep reading...