Month: January 2010

Night Sky Over Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park at Night

I’m having a few issues with my Lightroom catalog so for now I’m digging back into the archives and I’ll have some new stuff hopefully coming very soon as well as what I’ve learned from my experiences.

As I’ve mentioned in an older post, Dead Horse Point State Park is one of my favorite places to camp near Moab, Utah.… Keep reading...

Mule Deer Buck in Fog

Mule Deer in Grand Teton National Park

The other day I was heading out to get some of the foggy shots when I stumbled across a couple of mule deer bucks before getting very far. I had only just crossed into Grand Teton National Park when I saw them grazing in the sagebrush. I see them fairly often in the area but they’re either too far back or are too startled when they see me pointing a camera at them.… Keep reading...

Bull Elk Running Through Fog in Black and White

Bull Elk Running Through Fog

Foggy and frozen days make for some great landscapes around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you’re lucky enough to find some wildlife, however, it adds a whole other dimension and depth to the photo. As I was driving into town on the first of two consecutive foggy days we had recently, I saw a small herd of bull elk acting up a bit.… Keep reading...

Top Five Images from 2009 and Keeping It New

Twilight Over Mammoth Hot Springs

In what’s definitely good news for me, I had a really hard time trying to narrow five photos that I was really proud that I had taken during 2009. There were still quite a few I would have liked to have included, but I had already upped it from three to five so I had to draw the line somewhere.… Keep reading...