Skyrocket Gilia at Sunset

Wildflowers at Sunset

I headed up to Grand Teton National Park for the weekend to try and find some more grizzly bear opportunities, however sightings are becoming more scarce these days as the heat of summer is beginning to set in. While I wasn’t able to come away with any bear photos, I was able to fight for a great sunset on one night.

I saw the potential for a good sunset lining up and headed out to a spot I thought would be nice, forgetting about the potential mosquitoes. I walked out to an ideal spot and began setting up, only to be swarmed by them, reminding me that short sleeves were not a good idea. I went back to my car before even being able to fire off any shots, threw on a jacket and my zip-off pant legs and went back to business. Given the conditions, I chose to set up a few shots nearby my car where there were some nice patches of skyrocket gilia. Since the sunset was more to the south however, I never did get a good shot with the Tetons in them.

After getting about 10 bites on each hand, I called it quits, optimistic that at least one of those shots would come out. I made it back on the highway a few minutes later enjoying the wind through the windows blowing all the remaining mosquitoes out of my car.

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