Month: July 2011

Grizzly Bear #399 Nursing Her Cubs

Grizzly Bear #399 Nursing Cubs

I posted this photo onto my 500px page and after the great response, I realized I didn’t have it on my blog yet. I got this late one night while plugged into a friend’s Canon 500mm and also seeing just how good the 7D could handle high ISO. It turns out that even though there is noise, it’s still pretty usable and I’m looking forward to making a few prints to test out just how big I can get away with.… Keep reading...

Skyrocket Gilia at Sunset

Wildflowers at Sunset

I headed up to Grand Teton National Park for the weekend to try and find some more grizzly bear opportunities, however sightings are becoming more scarce these days as the heat of summer is beginning to set in. While I wasn’t able to come away with any bear photos, I was able to fight for a great sunset on one night.… Keep reading...

Balsamroot Wildflowers on the Snow King Summit

Balsamroot Wildflowers on Snow King

The wildflower and bear activity may be beginning to wind down (with some rather absurd restrictions being enforced by the park service, but I won’t get in to that now), but I was able to capture a few wildflower scenes before they all retreated from the valley.

Last week I headed up to the summit of Snow King to get the last of the balsamroot before they began to die off, as well as on the other side of the mountain along the Josie’s Ridge trail.… Keep reading...

Should Photographers Post Photos to Google+?

Surprise Lake Thawing

I’ve recently seen two photographers post their own opinions and interpretations of Google’s terms of service for their new social media network, Google+. Each has had lawyers review it and agree with their conclusions. I’m not about to get in the middle of them because I don’t claim to be a lawyer and my law expertise stops at My Cousin Vinny and Arrested Development.… Keep reading...