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December 2011

The 12 Best Photos from 2011


[pilgrim mountain sunset]

I found myself rather unproductive in early 2011 in terms of stills. With the recent purchase of a 7D and getting it up to working order, as well as discovering time-lapse photography, my still photography became a bit stagnant. As a result, most of my work was in the form of a time-lapse and before finding a good balance of time-lapse, video and still, I even wondered if I would move entirely into video.… Keep reading...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Bull Moose in Winter Steam

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays for the 2011 season!

I treated myself to a quick trip up to Kelly, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park for the morning where I found two young bull moose in the Kelly Warm Springs runoff, one of them pictured here.… Keep reading...

Otters in Snow

Otters in Snow

After getting life and work caught back up to normal speed after my road trip, I’ve finally been able to get out a bit more and shoot. Yesterday turned out to be a great day for it, as I joined a friend in shooting some otters right here in town. They had all but vanished by the time I had gotten there, but they eventually made their way back into close proximity, and while they were cautious of us here and there, they didn’t seem to be bothered by our presence since we didn’t pose any kind of threat.… Keep reading...

If There’s Good Light, Capture It

Fiery Sunrise Over Canyonlands National Park

Several months ago, I was visiting with another photographer passing through town, and we got on the discussion about breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. We both agreed that no matter what the foreground or landscape below looked like, it would come out looking great simply because of the light and clouds, provided they offered enough interest.… Keep reading...

Fajada Butte of Chaco Culture National Historic Park

Fajada Butte of Chaco Culture National Historic Park

Throughout the road trip that I returned from earlier last week, I was telling people that one of the places that left a lasting impression on me was Chaco Culture National Historic Park, aka, Chaco Canyon, and the ruins found therein. The entire complex is quite mesmerizing and is well worth the journey into a completely remote area of northwestern New Mexico.… Keep reading...