Grizzly Bear #399 and Cub

Grizzly Bear #399 and Cub

After more than three years without seeing one of the primary factors that caused me to move up to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area, I finally got to see her once again! She had been making appearances on the days that I wasn’t up there, but Grizzly Bear #399 finally put on a spectacular show last night as she emerged in the golden light of the end of the day. All three of her cubs were frolicking and playing and having lots of fun following her around.

I got the call that both her and Blondie were out while I was at home in Jackson, Wyoming, but something pushed me to drive the 50 miles or so up to her area just in case. She had disappeared by the time I got there, but after a couple of hours of looking, she came back out and didn’t just have amazing light hitting her, but after crossing the road, her and her cubs headed over to a small stream where she drank and her cubs began splashing around in. Keep your eye out for video of that!

Here, grizzly bear #399 is pictured with the blonder of her cubs as they’re walking along a tree line.

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