Month: February 2012

Let Nature Live Its Own Life

Canyon Pack Alpha Male Wolf of 2009

Everybody here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming loves the scenery. They love much of the wildlife as well. As long as it’s simply eating grass from a field, they can’t get enough of it. On many occasions, these people even feed many of the more docile wildlife that wander around town: moose; deer; elk; even foxes.… Keep reading...

How to Always Capture Wildlife in Action

Snowy Owl in Flight

Many people think that just because they learn how to operate in Manual mode (M), that they need to keep it there to get the best shots. I can’t even begin to tell you how many great photos I would have missed if there were any truth to that.

The simple fact is, the other modes are there to help you get important shots when time is a factor, such as with wildlife.… Keep reading...

Finding Time for Nature

Elk on the National Elk Refuge

In a place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, it’s very easy to get spoiled by the amount of wildlife you can capture along the road. It can make for exciting drives, but at the same time it can veer us away from the entire reason we’re out looking for wildlife to begin with.… Keep reading...

Moving Forward in “Today’s Economy”

Light on The Sleeping Indian

A full month has officially passed in 2012. How are you resolutions coming along? Are you lulling yourself back into your habitual patterns, or are you moving forward, full-steam ahead with exciting plans to change your life for the better? Many people don’t feel accomplishing your goals is possible because of “today’s economy.”… Keep reading...