Sunset Lake in Jedediah Smith Wilderness

That’s Not Mud – A Short Story

A storm passes over Sunset Lake in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness of the Targhee National Forest in Wyoming.

It was my friend, Dale’s, first backpacking excursion, and rather than easing him into the rigors and rituals that come with such an experience, he instead insisted on the popular, but overly strenuous, 40-mile Teton Crest Trail in northwestern Wyoming.… Keep reading...

Stormy Weather Moving Over Mount Hunt Divide

Racing a Thunderstorm Up the Tetons

Rain showers and stormy weather moving in over the Mount Hunt Divide. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Mount Hunt Divide is a relatively uncommon and remote destination for many people hiking in Grand Teton National Park. Sandwiched between Granite and Open Canyons, it sees little traffic compared to its canyon neighbors just a bit farther north.… Keep reading...

Log in Phelps Lake Below Teton Mountains

Woken Up By a Bear at Camp

The Teton Mountains rising high above a log extending into Phelps Lake along a beach. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Phelps Lake Campground is an easy hike in with quick access to stunning views of the lake below Death Canyon. I was camped there in the summer of 2022 hoping for some Milky Way shots over the lake (spoiler alert – I was there way too early in the season to get the Milky Way above the lake).… Keep reading...

Rainbow Rising Above Elk Herd

Elk Below Rainbow

Rainbow Rising Above Elk Herd

Each spring, thousands of elk migrate north from the National Elk Refuge into Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, and even beyond. Large herds occupy Antelope Flats for weeks as they follow the green grass sprouting up after the snow’s melted.

On one spring evening, I was heading home from a hike, and found a small elk herd in the flats.… Keep reading...

Hooded Warbler Perched on Branch

Hooded Warbler in Grand Teton National Park

Hooded Warbler Perched on Branch

Birding always seemed like it was a hobby for other types of people. I certainly would never become a birder. Despite this, I still loved the movie, The Big Year. As an avid wildlife enthusiast and photographer, I could still appreciate the humor and scenarios of the plot.

One early spring day in May, I was guiding a photography workshop for a pair of friends, and it came to my attention that they hadn’t yet seen this movie, despite their professed love of birds.… Keep reading...