The photos in this gallery are the photos that have stood out to me above all the others and have also stood the test of time. While I come away with a lot of photos that I like enough to put on this website, only a handful of those are shots that I would call my favorite. Photos such as the black wolf in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, a mustang in Wyoming’s desert at sunset, or even just a peaceful sunrise at Delta Lake that I had to myself all mark a style of photography that I strive to capture. A wildness that’s shrinking, but still accessible for those willing to look. Likewise, I also have a number of black and white photos whose composition speaks more loudly than color. A clearing storm over the Teton Mountains in black and white for example can make for a powerful subject, or even the northern lights over the Grand Teton. All these and more make up the world as I like to see it.

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