Virtual Nature Photography Workshops

Whether you’re looking to take your nature photography to the next level, or you just want to come back from trips with better photos to enjoy, I’m happy to help you get you closer to your goals via Zoom or Skype, whichever is more convenient for you. If you’re in the Jackson Hole area, we can meet in person as well. My rates are $45 for every 30 minutes, with a minimum of 30 minutes per session. Below is a list of potential topics typically covered with clients, though other subjects on your mind are also open for discussion. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with availability.

Optional in-person meetings available for those in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area.

Camera Basics and Understanding Manual Mode

Are you wanting better results from your photos? Are you intimidated by manual mode? I can help you make the most from your camera by breaking down the confusion of all the settings. Though camera models differ, the basic principles remain the same throughout each camera and its operation. Together, we’ll run through the components that create an image, going through the concepts in plain English. By understanding the processes that create a photo in every camera, you’ll get better results, resulting in sharper images with better exposures for you to work with. Many people who also come away with blurry or out-of-focus shots find this refresher to be helpful in troubleshooting their issues. By the end, you’ll feel ready to try more complex shots to capture the scenes you’ve been missing.

The Milky Way Galaxy shining brightly above the North Crater. Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

Lightroom Help

Have you ever wondered why your photos don’t look like the pros? A lot of the trouble could stem from post-processing. If you want to take your post-processing to the next level, I can teach you everything from recognizing color temperature to advanced editing techniques. We’ll also discuss ways to get the photo right in the moment, which will free up time in editing, also minimizing the overall edits needed. We can also discuss filling out metadata and the catalog feature, so you can finally have an automated structure to your library. With over a decade of experience in Lightroom, I’ll help you come away with more natural photos that bring out their fullest potential.

Portfolio Review

As an award-winning and widely published nature photographer armed with Master of Fine Arts, I can help you gauge the impact of your portfolio. By evaluating 10-15 images that you’re most proud of, I’ll give you constructive criticism on individual images, as well as your portfolio overall. This feedback is designed to help you understand what might be holding you back, as well as the strengths that are working for you. Along the way I’ll also inform you of which images are adding to your portfolio, and which ones are detracting from it. This will help give you a basis for which types of images are working for you, and where you should be putting your focus in order to have a stronger and more captivating portfolio.

Intro to Video Editing

If you’re looking to get your YouTube channel off the ground, or just want a basic introduction to how to work with video, I can get you up and running with a solid introduction to the basics of video editing. Using the free but powerful software DaVinci Resolve (the same program used to edit Everything Everywhere All at Once, among many others), we’ll run through the basics of putting together individual clips to create a story. We’ll also look at standard editing techniques that give your videos a natural flow that work with your viewers’ intuitive expectations. In understanding these concepts, you’ll be able to work up a video, complete with music, sound effects, and the best parts of your clips to create a seamless story that more people will want to watch.

Other Photography Requests

Looking for some other form of nature photography-related education? I’m happy to offer any help I can in the field. I won’t pretend to know something I’m not completely familiar with, but if you have a request not listed that I believe I can help with, I’m more than happy to get you moving.

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