Jackson Hole Birding Photography Workshop

Tree Swallow Splashing in the Snake River

The spring bird migration can bring some incredible surprises and rewards. With opportunistic places scattered around Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, we’ll make the most of our two days by photographing as many birds as we can. Whether they’re settling in for the season, or just passing through, the Jackson Hole spring bird migration is a truly fascinating time of year that brings the valley its first splashes of color after the snow begins to melt. Let’s not just get great shots of birds, let’s see how many different species we can find over our two days together!

Available Dates
2025: May 11, 12 / May 13, 14 / May 18, 19 / May 20, 21

Price: $1800/person – $400 non-refundable deposit
Difference due by April 15, 2025

Along the way I’ll be giving you helpful advice on what to look for in bird behavior, camera settings, technique, and anything else to help you come away with an ideal shot.

At the end of each morning session, we’ll break for breakfast where we’ll also take a look at our photos thus far, where I’ll offer insight and guidance on what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve. Likewise, if desired, post-processing tips will also be included.

The Jackson Hole Birding Photography Workshop is set during the spring migration, as countless bird species are both migrating into the valley for the season, while many others are simply stopping along the way. This can produce some exciting and rare sightings! The split two-day format gives us ample opportunity to scout out many of the ideal points across the valley, both in Grand Teton National Park and the rest of Jackson Hole as well. It’s a great way to hopefully add a few birds to your life list, so book now!

Each workshop will run for two split days: 3-4 hours at sunrise, and another 3-4 at sunset for two days in a row.

What’s Included

  • Pickup to and from your hotel
  • Light breakfast at pickup, lunch after sunrise session
  • Dinner after sunset on both days
  • Adobe Lightroom mini-class and image discussion