Zion National Park Photography Gallery

Slick Rock in Zion National Park
The Watchman Over The Virgin River
Zion Canyon Sunset
Zion Canyon Sunset
Court of the Patriarchs Sunset
Temple of Sinawa Fall Leaves
Temple of Sinawa Fall Leaves
Sandstone Abstract on Walls
Sandstone Mountains Above Virgin River
Virgin River Snaking Through Zion Canyon
Virgin River in Zion Canyon
Zion Canyon from Angel's Landing
Zion Canyon from Angel's Landing
Angel's Landing in Zion National Park
Waterfalls from Emerald Pools
Unnamed Arch in Hidden Canyon
Tree Arching over Hidden Canyon
Waterfall Pouring into Zion Canyon
Waterfall in Zion National Park
Snow-Melt Waterfall in Zion Canyon
Waterfall in Sandstone Crack
Snow Melt Waterfall
Snow Melt Waterfall
Fresh Snow and Sandstone Walls
Zion Mountains at Night
Zion Canyon After Rain Shower
Desert Waterfall

Zion National Park Information

Zion National Park was originally known by its native name, Mukuntuweap, but was later changed for fear that Americans would confuse its pronunciation, an unfortunate turn in the identity of the park. Regardless, Zion National Park is a significant part of Utah identity and outdoor recreation. The sight of massive sandstone mountains towering above Zion Canyon is a rare sight that isn't duplicated anywhere else on the Colorado Plateau. Farther up into Zion Canyon, the Angel's Landing hike is a hike unlike any other that challenges what many know as a scary hike, while many deer find an abundance of food and nourishment from the Virgin River and the riparian landscape below.

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