Wupatki National Monument Photography Gallery

Moon Above Ruins
Citadel Pueblo
Nalakihu Pueblo
Puebloan Ruins
Box Canyon Dwellings
Box Canyon Dwellings
Window in Ruins
Wupatki and San Francisco Peaks
Box Canyon Dwellings
Box Canyon Dwellings
Box Canyon Dwellings
Box Canyon Dwellings
Anasazi Ruins at Wupatki
Citadel Pueblo Ruins
Pueblo Ruins

Wupatki National Monument Information

Wupatki National Monument is the desert counterpart to Sunset Crater National Monument. Each are found along the same scenic road, and while Sunset Crater preserves a volcanic landscape, Wupatki preserves incredible pueblos and Native American ruins. The drive passes by a number of well-preserved pueblos, each displaying different information on the lifestyle of the people that once inhabited the area. The San Francisco Peaks dominate the landscape all the while to the south, most likely how they got their sacred status.

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