White Tank Mountain Regional Park Photography Gallery

Waterfall Trail Paved Section
Petroglyphs Below Mountain
Petroglyph Wall Below Peak
Phoenix Beyond Waterfall Trail
Cholla Cactus in Warm Light
Saguaros Rising Above Landscape
Dawn Sky Against Saguaros
Mesquite Trail Below Peaks
Saguaros Below Morning Stars
Saguaros in Dawn Glow
Dawn Glow Against Saguaros
Saguaros Above Waddell Trail
Willow Canyon Wash
Cholla Cactus Along Mesquite Trail
Cacti Along Mesquite Trail
Saguaro Cacti Beyond Cholla

White Tank Mountain Regional Park Information

White Tank Mountain Regional Park is a gorgeous preserve of Sonoran Desert life that is considered by many locals to be the western boundary of the Phoenix metropolis. The park, covering nearly 30,000 acres, centers around the small but rugged White Tank Mountain range that is a haven for fragile desert flora and fauna. It features a diverse network of trails that offer experienced hikers plenty of adventure while also featuring plenty of more casual trails for those looking for a more laid-back visit.

16 total photos in this gallery

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