West Point Foundry Preserve Photography Gallery

Foundry Brook Cascading Through Forest
Small Waterfall Along Foundry Brook
Old Machine Shop Wall
Foundry Brook Below Trees
West Point Foundry Pattern Shop Ruins
Foundry Office in Summer
West Point Foundry Office
Treeline Against Wetlands
Highway 9D Bridge Above Waterfall
Foundry Brook Falling over Old Dam
Foundry Brook Cascading Through Forest
Foundation Ruins at Foundry
Tree Root Abstract
Tree Root Abstract
Old Ruins Doorway
Brick Wall Abstract
Foundry Brook Waterfall on Rocks
Dam Ruins and Waterfall
Foundry Brook Cascading Waterfall
Foundry Brook Dam and Waterfall
Rocky Waterfall
Foundry Brook Waterfall
Vegetation Growing on Brick Wall
Brick Ruins
Crack in Brick Ruins
Foundry Brook Cascades
Highway 9D Above Waterfall
Highway 9D Bridge Above Waterfall
Foundry Brook Below Bridge
Small Cascading Waterfalls
Bridge Above Waterfall
Foundry Brook and Winter Waterfall
Waterfall in Winter Forest
Old Foundry Ruins
Ruins Along Foundry Brook
Highway 9D Through Winter Forest
Foundry Wall Ruins in Winter
Foundry Ruins in Winter

West Point Foundry Preserve Information

The West Point Foundry was created after the War of 1812, and operated for nearly a century afterward. Situated just outside of the town of Cold Spring, New York, the preserve protects the ruins from the foundry, with educational displays and kiosks explaining the uses of each structure, as well as feats of engineering for the time. Making use of a series of dams along Foundry Brook, the ironworks had a steady flow of water for its manufacturing processes.

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