Embracing vulnerability while hiking 800 miles on the Arizona Trail

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Ever wanted to peek inside the mind of a thru-hiker? Through a series of short stories, award-winning nature photographer, Mike Cavaroc is forced to confront issues stemming from bullying, loneliness, and more, all while trying to survive the harsh Arizona wilderness over the course of the 800-mile Arizona Trail.

Join Cavaroc on his journey through Arizona's stunning natural beauty and diverse flora and fauna, as he reflects on his past and present relationships with family and friends, while surviving Arizona's rugged landscapes. Over the course of nearly two months, Cavaroc discovers new value in friendships, while processing the childhood bullying that he realizes still left him scarred decades later. Experience a series of whimsical short stories strung together through an arduous thru-hike, as he discovers the healing power of a thru-hike, one mile at a time.

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Santa Catalina Mountains Along Arizona Trail

In the spring of 2016 I thru-hiked the 800-mile Arizona Trail. In doing so, I was looking to solidify my life as a hermit and revel in the glory of solitude and isolation. As I continued to hike the trail, I discovered vulnerabilities within myself that I was both ignoring and brushing aside. Over the course of the 800 miles, I was forced to feel all the reasons I wanted to be a hermit and look deep within myself at what caused that, and confront the childhood bullying that led to my voluntary seclusion.

In Wanderlove, I share stories and experiences that shaped both the journey of the trail itself, as well as my new awarenesses and revelations through a series of whimsical and reflective short stories. Discover how the trail forever changed my perception of my surroundings, as well as my relationship with both family, friends, and loved ones.

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Sunrise in Tortilla Mountains