Theodore Roosevelt National Park Photography Gallery

Bison in Grasslands
Badlands Hills
Badlands Hills at Twilight
Badlands Hills in Golden Light
Grassland Rolling Hills
Badlands Hills Below Clouds
Eroded Badlands Hills
Puffy Clouds Above Badlands Hills
Grassland Rolling Hills
Abstract Patterns in Badlands
Badlands Abstract
Grassland Rolling Hills
Lone Juniper in Grass
Walking Mustang in Grass
Mustang in Grass
Black Mustang in Grass
Wild Horses Grazing
Mustang in Badlands
Bison Walking Closeup
Badlands Hills Abstract
Large Badlands Area
Bull Elk on Hill
Badlands and Sandstone Abstract
Badlands Hills at Sunrise
Milky Way Over Badlands

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Information

A natural treasure of the American Midwest, this historic location is now threatened by oil and gas development. The land is home to mustangs, prairie dogs, bison, and more that graze across open grasslands and dynamic badlands.

25 total photos in this gallery

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