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Yucca and Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood and Plant Life
Yucca Plants in Sand
Yucca Plants in Sand
Sunset over the Arizona Trail
Grand Canyon Hiking Trail
Ribbon Falls and Surrounding Vegetation
Wide Section of North Kaibab Trail
North Kaibab Trail Ascending Grand Canyon
South Rim Rising Above North Kaibab Trail
Desert Vegetation Along Trail
Yucca in Rocks
South Kaibab Trail
Yucca Stalks in Grand Canyon
Stormy Weather Around Mountains
Light Breaking Through Fog and Clouds
Arizona Trail in Wooded Canyon
Arizona Trail on Rocky Ridge
Badlands Along Roosevelt Lake
Badlands Beyond Roosevelt Lake
Desert Mountains in Evening Light
Rocky Outcroppings in Evening Light
Rocky Outcroppings in Desert Mountains
Ocotillo and Narrowleaf Yucca
Desert Canyons and Wash
Lush Wash in Rocky Canyon
The Big Hill Above Desert Flora
Ridge Above Desert Wash
Prickly Pear Cactus Above Rocky Wash
Ripsey Wash Area
Ripsey Wash Area
Ripsey Wash Area
Saguaro Cactus
Yucca Above Dry Desert Wash
Endless Mountains Above Desert
Clouds and Cactus
Ripsey Wash Area
Clouds Above Desert Vegetation
Saguaro Cactus and Desert Hills
Sonoran Desert Hills
Rugged Mountains Beyond Hills
Blooming Yucca Along Arizona Trail
Sonoran Desert Mountains
Prickly Pear Cactus and Blooming Yucca
Sonoran Desert Hills
Ocotillo and Yucca on Mountains
Sunrise Clouds over Sonoran Desert
Tortilla Mountains in Arizona
Arizona Desert Sunrise
Yucca Blooms Below Mountains