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Elk Running Through Meadow
Osprey Harrassing Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle on Dead Tree
Bull Bison in Grassy Field
Moose and Calf Crossing River
Moose and Calf on River Bank
Bull Moose Along River Bank
Bull Moose in Cottonwoods
Grizzly Cub Standing in Wildflowers
Grizzly Cubs Wrestling in Fog
Grizzly Sub-Adult Standing in Wildflowers
Grizzly Bear Cub Standing Up in Wildflowers
White Pelican and Common Merganser
White Pelican Below Rainbow and Mount Leidy
White Pelican Swimming Below Mount Moran
White Pelican in Stormy Oxbow Bend
Young Bison Looking Up from Grazing
Grizzly 399 and Cubs on River Bank
Lone Bison Near Yellowstone River
Velvet Bull Elk Resting in Meadow
Velvet Bull Elk Standing Below Tree
Bull Elk with Velvet Antlers
Bull Elk Standing in Forest in Velvet
Bison in Meadow in Snow Storm
Elk Swimming Across Yellowstone River
Elk Running Along Yellowstone River
Elk Along Yellowstone River
Elk Trio in Meadow
Bull Elk in Velvet
Yellow-Headed Blackbird in Grasses
Bison Along Lake Shore
Bald Eagle Perched on Rock
Black Bear Perched on Log
Grizzly and Cubs in Willow Flats
Grizzly and Cubs Below Mount Moran
Grizzly 399 Leading Her Cubs Through a Meadow
Cubs Nursing from Grizzly Bear 399
Grizzly 399 Leading Cubs Along a Hilltop
Grizzly Cub Looking Away from Others
Grizzly Bear Looking Back for Cub
Grizzly 399 and Her Four Cubs
Grizzly 399 Leading Her Cubs Up a Hillside
Grizzly Bear Guarding Her Cubs
Grizzly Cubs Greeting Their Mother
Grizzly 399 Returning to Her Cubs
Grizzly Bear Cubs Standing on Hillside
Grizzly Bear and Cubs Above Meadow
Grizzly Cubs Scouring Meadow
Grizzly Bear Peeking from Behind Sagebrush
Grizzly Bear Sub-Adult Wandering Meadow