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Old Faithful Eruption on a Clear Day
Rain Showers Over Jackson Lake
Bison Herd Below the Teton Mountains
Clouds Over Point Sublime
Ducks in Fog and Flat Creek
Moulton Barn Below Rain Showers
Cow Elk Fighting in Herd
Cow Elk Kicking Each Other
Elk Herd Below Evergreen Forest
Bull Bison in Hayden Valley
Lone Bison in Hayden Valley
Jackson Lake Reflecting Northern Tetons
String Lake Runoff Below Teton Peaks
Clouds Above Tetons and Snake River Overlook
Osprey Building Nest
Steam Rising from Grand Prismatic Spring
Sunlight on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Canada Goose and Goslings in Grass
Waterfalls Canyon and Northern Tetons
Mount Moran Reflected in Jackson Lake
Jenny Lake Reflecting Foggy Weather
Fog Clearing from Sleeping Indian
Sunlight Breaking Through to Tetons
Bison Herd Below Snow and Teton Mountains
Harlequin Lake Trail in Young Trees
Logs and Driftwood on Harlequin Lake
Harlequin Lake Below Clouds
Grizzlies Foraging Below Teton Mountains
Grizzly Bear Leading Cub for Food
Blondie Grizzly Bear with Cubs
Grizzly Cubs Standing Below Tetons
Grizzly and Cubs Below Grand Teton
Stormy Sunset over Sheep Mountain
Jackson Hole Elk Herd Below Fog
Elk Herd in Sagebrush and Fog
Elk Herd Running Below Raven
Elk Herd Grazing in Fog
Teton Mountains Above Jackson Hole Elk Herd
Jackson Hole Elk Herd Below Tetons
Elk Herd Below Teton Mountains
Cow Elk Looking Back in Sagebrush
Cow Moose in Late Winter Landscape
Cow Elk Below Snowy Teton Mountains
Feathery Clouds Above Teton Mountains
Snowshoe Trail Below Grand Teton
Teton Peaks Below Blue Sky
Teton Peaks in Sunlight
Tree Shadows on Taggart Lake
Grebes Below Teton Mountains
Mount Moran Above Lifting Fog