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Tall Evergreen Above Waterfall
Granite Creek Below Granite Cliffs
Stormy Sunset over Ranch
Stormy Sunset over Jackson
Small Plants in Waterfall
Arrowhead Balsamroot in Meadow
Waterfall Pouring from Phillips Pass
Hiker Standing Near Footbridge
Hiker Watching Waterfall from Bridge
Gros Ventre Mountains Behind Alpine Meadow
Hiker in Large Alpine Meadow
Passing Clouds Above Teton Peaks
Hiker Standing Above Phillips Pass
Gros Ventre Mountains Beyond Tetons
Moose Canyon and Big Hole Mountains
Moose Canyon and Teton Valley
Moose Canyon Below Phillips Pass
Footbridge over Small Waterfall
Gros Ventre River in Jackson Hole
Sleeping Indian Above Phillips Ridge
Hiker Overlooking Valley from Tetons
Phillips Pass Trail in Southern Tetons
Hiker Looking Up at Aspen Trees
Mountains Peeking Through Aspen Grove
Hiker Admiring Aspen Tree Grove
Aspen Trees Shading Phillips Pass Trail
Cascading Stream Along Phillips Pass Trail
Smow Melt Stream Below Aspen Trees
Stream Flowing from Aspen Trees
Hiker in Meadow Along Phillips Pass Trail
Balsamroot Along Ski Lake Trail
Wildflowers in Meadow Along Ski Lake Trail
National Elk Refuge Beyond Jackson
Flooding Stream Under Footbridge
Geranium and Baslamroot Wildflowers
Boulder Raspberry Wildflowers
Phillips Canyon Trail in Lush Forest
Wild Geranium Along Phillips Canyon Trail
Balsamroot in Phillips Canyon
Forget-Me-Nots in Phillips Canyon
Hiker Looking over Southern Tetons
Hiker Near Phillips Pass
Alpine Meadow After Melted Snow
Alpine Terrain Near Phillips Pass
Jedediah Smith Wilderness Boundary Sign
Hiker on Snow-Covered Phillips Pass
Hiker on Phillips Pass Trail
Phillips Pass Trail in Alpine Meadow
Cascading Creek Below Snow