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Chuckwalla on Rock
Chuckwalla Peeking over Rock
Chuckwalla on Rock
Standing Chipmunk
Chuckwalla on Rock
Carrot-Tailed Chuckwalla on Rock
Ground Squirrel Near Den
Elk Along River
Wood Duck Swimming in Pond
Anhinga on Branch Above Water
Bighorn Sheep in Grass
Bull Elk Near Water
Bull Elk in Sagebrush Flats
Bull Elk in Sagebrush Flats
Coyote Pup Hunting
Grizzly Bear Cub Hiding
Grizzly Bear Cub Hiding in Grasses
Grizzly Bear Looking Up
Bull Elk and Clearing Storm
Curious Mule Deer Fawn
Chipmunk on Log
Squirrel Eating
Elk in Smoke
Pika on Boulder
Cute Deer Fawn
Mule Deer Buck in Forest
Rainbow Over Flat Creek
Sage Grouse in Wildflowers
Swimming Beaver
Yellow-Headed Blackbird
Red Fox Sneaking through Brush
Red Fox with Mouse
Pouncing Red Fox
Red Fox Pouncing
Pronghorn with Newborn Fawn
Bear Cub on Tree
Bison Swimming Across Lamar River
Bald Eagles in Tree
Lone Bear Cub
Black Bear Sow and Cub
Bison in Valley
Gophersnake in Trail
Horned Lizard Pair
Darkling Beetle in Sand
Abert's Squirrel in Tree
Hiding Rabbit
Mule Deer Bucks Sparring
Mule Deer Buck
Bull Elk and Fall Colors
Bull Elk in Meadow