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Great Blue Heron Above Foggy Waters
Saw Whet Owl in Tree
Saw Whet Owl in Tree
Saw Whet Owl in Tree
Alaksen National Wildlife Area Trail
Resting Barred Owl
Male and Female Snowy Owls
Elk on the National Elk Refuge
Bald Eagle in Flight
Great Gray Owl in Spruce Tree
Great Gray Owl Sleeping in Spruce Tree
Bull Moose Walking in Snow
Bull Moose in Sagebrush
Barrow's Goldeneye in Water
Otter Along Flat Creek
Otter on Ice
Otter Walking on Ice
Two Otters on Open Snow
Otter Along Flat Creek
Mallard Duck Swimming
Trumpeter Swan Swimming
Otter Along Flat Creek
Trumpeter Swan with Wings Stretched
Trumpeter Swan Cygnet
Trumpeter Swans Swimming Under Full Moon
Migrating Bison Herd
Coyote Hunting on Snow
Bull Moose in Steam
Bull Moose in Winter Steam
Bull Moose in Warm Spring Runoff
Tired Otters
Otters in Snow
Otters at Play
Bighorn Sheep Ram in Snow
Bighorn Sheep Lamb Balancing on Ledge
Bighorn Sheep Lamb on Cliff
Bighorn Sheep Rams Sparring
Bluebird Perched on Branch
Raven in Juniper Tree
Bull Elk in Chaco Culture National Historic Park
Bull Elk in Chaco Canyon
Bull Elk on Boulders
Pika in Boulders
Bull Moose at Oxbow Bend
Bison in Sagebrush
Pronghorn Buck and Fall Cottonwoods
Bull Moose Standing in Fall Leaves
Bull Moose in Fall Leaves
Bull Moose in Sagebrush
Mule Deer Buck in Golden Light