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Red Squirrel Eating Pine Cone
Ruffed Grouse Eating Hawthorne Berries
Snow Falling Around Ruffed Grouse
Ruffed Grouse in Hawthorne Branches
Rocky Mountain Bluebird on Top of Small Tree
Bluebird Perched on Evergreen Tree
Bull Moose Standing in Dirt Road
Bull Moose Walking Above Willows
Bull Moose Emerging from Willows
Moose Calf in Front of Willows
Moose Calf in Late Fall Brush
Cow Moose Emerging from Aspen Trees
Cow Bison Running Through Grasses
Bison Calf Running Through Grasses
Bison Looking Out from Herd
Bison Running Through Grasses
Pronghorn Below Snow-Capped Tetons
Bison Trio with Cowbirds
Cowbird Flying Between Bison
Bull Moose Below Fall Cottonwood Trees
Black Bear Behind Berry Bushes
Black Bear Behind Hawthorne Berries
Trumpeter Swans Chasing Cygnet
Trumpeter Swan Attacking Cygnet
Raspberry Grizzly and Cub on Burned Logs
Raspberry Grizzly Bear and Cub in Burned Trees
Pronghorn Buck Smelling the Air
Pronghorn Standing in Front of Tree and Tetons
Pronghorn Looking over Sagebrush
Bald Eagle Flying over Paintbrush Canyon
Bison Calf Nursing in Snowfall
Bull Moose Standing on River Bank
Bull Moose Reflected in Snake River
Pronghorn Buck in Tall Grasses
Moose Along Gros Ventre River
Moose Drinking in Gros Ventre River
Mule Deer Buck in Fading Fall Colors
Pronghorn Buck Standing in Grasses
Pronghorn Buck in Open Grasslands
Moose in Golden Sunrise Light
Moose in Front of Fading Fall Aspen Trees
Moose in Sagebrush and Fall Aspens
Moose Near Fading Fall Colors
Black Bear and Cub Along Snake River
Black Bear Drinking from Snake River
Pronghorn Doe and Fawn in Sagebrush
Geese Swimming Below Mount Moran
Red Fox Listening in Tall Grasses
Bull Elk in Sagebrush Flats
Bull Elk Looking Over His Harem