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Autumn Leaves Around Small Creek
Fall Leaves and Fog Above Creek
Early Autumn Leaves Around Waterfall
Leaves Around Small Cascading Falls
Fog Above Hiking Trail
Dam Ruins Below Forest
Early Fall Leaves Along Creek
Early Autumn Leaves Around Ruins
Small Pools Along Creek
Water Pouring over Dam Ruins
Crum Creek Falling over Ruins
Sunbeams over Waterfall
Crum Creek Below Ruins
Rock Ledge over Crum Creek
Waterfall and Ruins Below Fog
Waterfall Below Fog
Crum Creek Descending Into Fog
Waterfall and Fog
Crum Creek Waterfall Below Fog
Fog on Muddy Pool
Puddle on Recreation Trail
Pocantico River Flowing Toward Tunnel
Pocantico River Winding Through Forest
Pocantico River Passing Under Bridge
Pocantico River Under Tunnel
Old Pipe Along Pocantico River
Tappan Zee and City Lights
Large Trees Along Creek
Large Tree Bending Over Creek
Creek Winding Through Forest
Cascading Waterfall Around Rock Slab
Trees Arching Above Rocky Creek
Small Cascading Falls
Ruins in Forest Holding Water
Ruins Collecting Water
Small Stream Swirling in Pool
Small Rapids in Creek
Fallen Log in Creek
Creek Below Forest Canopy
Moon and Clouds Above Hudson River
Twilight Sky Above Hudson River
Lights of Nyack and Piermont
Evening Over the Hudson River
Wind Blowing Along Hudson River
Piermont Marsh Below Tallman Mountain
Tappan Zee Below Cloudy Skies
Rockland Lake and Hudson River
Stormy Skies Above Tappan Zee
Tappan Zee Bridge Beyond Mountains
Mushroom on Old Growth