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Hiker Below Bowtie Arch
Sun Behind Corona Arch
Bowtie Arch Above Landscape
Sandstone Landscape Along Corona Arch Trail
Bare Winter Cottonwoods Along Creek
Sandstone Cliffs Above Creek
Hiker in Sand Below Morning Glory Arch
Hiker in Alcove Below Arch
Hiker Below Morning Glory Arch
Hiker at Back of Canyon
Bare Winter Cottonwoods Below Arch
Hiker Staring Up at Morning Glory Arch
Hiker Admiring Morning Glory Arch
Morning Glory Arch Above Canyon Foliage
Canyon Abstract Near Morning Glory Arch
Sandstone Cliffs Rising Above Grandstaff Canyon Trail
Grandstaff Canyon Trail Bending Below Cliffs
Small Waterfall Below Sandstone Cliffs
Grandstaff Canyon Surrounding Creek
Grandstaff Canyon Trail Below Cliffs
Creek in Winter Flowing Below Sandstone Cliffs
Escalante River Reflecting Sandstone Mountains
Sandstone Mountains Reflected in Icy Waters
Sandstone Cliffs Rising Above Escalante River
Sandstone Hills Rising Above Snowy River
Escalante River Flowing Below Snow-Covered Cliffs
Snowy Landscape Surrounding Escalante River
Escalante River in Snowy Landscape
Escalante River Carving Through Snowy Canyons
Sandstone Mountains Above Silhouetted Tree
Silhouetted Tree Against Snowy Sandstone Cliffs
Silhouetted Trees Against Snow Cliffs
Cottonwoods Above Snowy Escalante River
Hiker Standing in Snowy Escalante River Trail
Hiker Testing River Crossing in Snow
Hiker Eyeing Escalante River Crossing
Snowy Sandstone Butte Above River
Escalante River Reflecting Snowy Landscape
Escalante River Winding Through Snow
Winter Vegetation Along Escalante River Trail
Escalante River Trail Descending to River
Devils Garden Hoodoos in Snow
Devils Garden in Snow
Hiker Below Snow-Covered Metate Arch
Snow Covering Metate Arch
Hiker Below Sandstone Spires at Devils Garden
Sandstone Spires Above Snowy Landscape
Fiftymile Mountain Above Juniper Trees
Toadstool Rising Above Small Hills
Hiker Resting Below Toadstool