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Lower Falls Below Red Rock Point
Lower Falls from Red Rock Point
Yellowstone River Below Rhyolite Cliffs
Waterfall Along Red Rock Point Trail
Josie's Ridge Overlooking Jackson Hole
Tetons Beyond Josie's Ridge
Indian Paintbrush in Sunlight
Indian Paintbrush in Grasses
Indian Paintbrush on Josie's Ridge
Balsamroot Wildflowers on Josie's Ridge
Columbine Wildflowers on Snow King
Columbine Wildflowers in Sunlight
Black Bear Perched on Log
Jackson Hole and Tetons Below Snow King
Storm Clouds Above Josie's Ridge Trail
Bighorn Sheep Rams on Hilltop
Teton Mountains Beyond Crystal Butte
Trail Descending Toward Jackson
Crystal Butte Trail Along Ridgeline
Teton Mountains Rising Out of Jackson Hole
Bighorn Sheep Along Trail
Indian Paintbrush Against Log
Trail Descending Toward Cache Creek
Wildflowers Along Crystal Butte Trail
Balsamroot Wildflowers on Crystal Butte
Crystal Butte Trail Ascending Hill
Oxbow Bend and Jackson Lake Below Tetons
Mount Leidy Above Oxbow Bend
Teton Mountains Above Willow Flats
Jackson Lake Dam Below Teton Mountains
Teton Park Road Below Tetons
Snowy Forest Above Jackson
Snow King Beyond Trail
Snow on Balsamroot Wildflowers
Jackson Below Crystal Butte Trail
Crystal Butte Trail Above Jackson
Balsamroot Wildflower in Snow
Crystal Butte Trail in Snow Storm
Sink or Swim Weaving Through Forest
Drainage in Forest
Trail Ascending to Grand View Point
Shooting Star Wildflowers in Grasses
Dead Tree at Top of Josie's Ridge
Pasqueflower in Bloom
Aspen Trees Lining Sink or Swim Trail
Tall Aspen Trees on Hiking Trail
Town of Jackson Below Josie's Ridge
Mountain Phlox on Josie's Ridge
Rain Showers Above Josie's Ridge
Josie's Ridge Trail Winding to the Summit