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Hot Spring Below Mount Sheridan
Hot Spring Above Heart Lake
Hot Spring Below Mount Sheridan
Hot Spring in Eastern Group
Western Group of the Heart Lake Geyser Basin
Upper Group of the Heart Lake Geyser Basin
Hot Spring Near Crackling Lake
Whirligig and Pinwheel Geysers
Thermophiles in Whirligig Geyser Runoff
Whirligig Geyser Pouring into the Porcelain Basin
Midway Geyser Basin Runoff
Grand Prismatic Thermophile Runoff
Thermophiles Leading Back to Grand Prismatic
Thermophiles Lining Grand Prismatic Runoff
Bison Tracks in Thermophiles and Runoff
Wildlife Tracks in Grand Prismatic Spring Runoff
Grand Prismatic Spring Above Built Up Terraces
Sinter Buildup Below Grand Prismatic Spring
Thermophiles Around Excelsior Geyser Runoff
Excelsior Geyser Crater Runoff
Midway Geyser Basin Breaking Up Forest
Forest Surrounding Grand Prismatic Spring
People Observing Grand Prismatic Spring
Grand Prismatic Spring Steaming Above Forest
Grand Prismatic Spring Under Storm Clouds
Runoff from Geysers Lined with Thermophiles
Thermophiles Lining Geyser Runoff
Abstract of Sinter and Thermophiles
Geyser Runoff Abstract
Thermophiles Abstract
Steam from Chromatic Spring
Morning Glory Pool Under Clouds
Steam Rising Above Artist Paintpots
Thermal Features in Artist Paint Pots
Runoff Draining from Artist Paint Pots
Mound Terrace Pools Abstract
Runoff from Mound Terrace
Thermophile Variances on Mound Terrace
Travertine Pools on Mound Terrace
Water Pooling Below Mound Terrace
Water Trickling Down Travertine at Mound Terrace
Water Arching Around Mound Terrace
Terraces and Pools on Mound Terrace
Water Flows from Mound Terrace
Thermophiles in Water from Mound Terrace
Thermophiles Streaming from Mound Terrace
Thermophiles Lining Flows of Angel Terrace
Small Trees Lining Angel Terrace
Logs Lining Angel Terrace
Water Pouring over Terraces at Angel Terrace