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Snowshoer Overlooking Taggart Lake in Winter
Snowshoer Looking Toward Teton Mountains in Snow
Taggart Lake Loop Trail Descending Toward Tetons
Early Snow Storm Engulfing Avalanche Canyon
Early Snowfall on Josie's Ridge Trail
Early Snow Covering Jackson Hole
Teton Mountains Above Two Ocean Lake
Snow Showers Falling over Cascade Canyon
Shallow Rainbow in Front of the Tetons
Cottonwood Tree Against Rainbow
Rainbow Arching over Teton Mountains
Snow-Capped Tetons Above Blacktail Ponds
Pronghorn Below Snow-Capped Tetons
Pronghorn Standing in Front of Tree and Tetons
Pronghorn Looking over Sagebrush
Jackson Lake Below Storms Engulfing Tetons
Stormy Sunrise over Jackson Lake
Stormy Weather over Jackson Lake and Tetons
Storms over Cascade and Hanging Canyons
Storms Moving in Over Teton Mountains
Bald Eagle Flying over Paintbrush Canyon
Teton Mountains Rising Above Schwabacher Landing
Traverse Peak over Oxbow Bend
Moulton Barn and Fall Colors
Pronghorn Buck in Tall Grasses
Lake Taminah in Avalance Canyon
Mount Wister and Lake Taminah
Lake Taminah Runoff Below Mount Wister
Shoshoko Falls Pouring over Rocky Cliffs
Shoshoko Falls Below Mount Wister
Mount Wister Above Shoshoko Falls
Fall Ground Foliage in Avalanch Canyon
Taggart Lake Shores Below Teton Mountains
Teton Mountains Reflected in Taggart Lake
Grand Teton Above Taggart Lake
Autumn Aspens Below Mount Moran and Tetons
Mount Moran Above Autumn Aspen Trees
Thomas Murphy Homestead Below Mount Moran
Teton Mountains Framed in Schwabacher Landing
Glowing Tetons Reflected in Schwabacher Landing
Clear Teton Reflection in Snake River
Geese Swimming Below Mount Moran
Cathedral Group Above String Lake
Snowy Tetons in String Lake Reflection
Fall Aspens Lining Oxbow Bend Below Mount Moran
Golden Aspen Trees Along Oxbow Bend
Autumn Colors Reflected in String Lake
Aspen Tree Trunks Among Fall Leaves
Teton Mountains Rising Above Blacktail Ponds
Moose and Calf Crossing Pond