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Cougar Tracks in Snow
Fog Clearing from the Grand Teton
Footbridge to Moulton Barn
Moulton Barn in Fog and Snow
Lifting Fog on Teton Peaks
Sagebrush in Snow
Early Winter on the Snake River in Wilson
Snowy Tetons Reflection in River
Clearing Storms on Grand Teton
Grand Teton in Broken Light in Black and White
Taggart Lake Icing Over
Snow and Ice on Taggart Lake
Gros Ventre Mountains Above Jackson Hole
The Grand Teton with Fresh Snow
Snowfall Lifting from the Grand Teton
Snowfall Lit Through Breaking Clouds
Bull Moose in Early Winter
Bull Moose in Sagebrush Flats
Snake River Below Snake River Mountains
Clouds and Sunset Reflected in Snake River
Fiery Clouds over Teton Mountains
Fog Revealing the Grand Teton
Glowing Sunset over the Teton Peaks
Tetons Reflected in Snake River
Early Winter Sunset Along Snake River
Big Dipper Above Tetons and Jackson Hole
Crescent Moon and Sunset over Tetons
Sunset from the Valley Trail
Valley Trail Descending Into Forest
Jackson Hole Below Valley Trail
Sleeping Indian Above Forest
Jackson Below Josie's Ridge at Sunset
Early Winter Along the Snake River
Big Dipper Above Teton Mountains
Jackson Hole Beyond Taggart Lake Trail
Golden Aspens near Taggart Lake Trail
Taggart Lake Trail in Bare Aspens
Foggy Sunrise on Teton Mountains
Golden Sunrise on Teton Mountains
Fall Storm over Autumn Cottonwoods
Rain Storm over Tetons and Cottonwoods
Fog Swirling on the Grand Teton
Fog on Grand Teton Drifting East
Twilight Silhouetting the Teton Mountains
Twilight Above Teewinot and Cottonwood Trees
Sunset Clouds Above Cottonwoods
Early Winter Storm Clearing over Jackson Hole
Fog Lifting from Teton Mountains
Early Winter Storm over Lake Creek Trail