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Golden Fall Leaves on Aspen Trees
Fall Aspens Lining Oxbow Bend Below Mount Moran
Golden Aspen Trees Along Oxbow Bend
Red Fox Listening in Tall Grasses
Bull Elk in Sagebrush Flats
Bull Elk Looking Over His Harem
Bull Elk Chasing Cow Elk
Autumn Colors Reflected in String Lake
Aspen Tree Trunks Among Fall Leaves
Aspen Tree Trunks Among Fall Leaves
Teton Mountains Rising Above Blacktail Ponds
Moose and Calf Crossing Pond
Hiking Bridge Crossing String Lake
Mule Deer Fawn Gazing Through Brush
Mule Deer Fawn Peeking Through Bushes
Autumn Aspens Along Oxbow Bend
Clouds and Fall Leaves in Oxbow Bend Reflection
Fall Aspens Reflected in the Snake River
Snake River Winding Through Forests
Fog Lifting from Forests Along Snake River
Snake River Winding Below Teton Mountains
Forests Below the Teton Mountains
First Light Above the Snake River Overlook
Grand Teton Above Snake River
Fall Colors Around Snake River Overlook
Colorful Clouds Above Snake River Overlook
Sunrise over the Snake River Overlook
Cascading Falls Along Cascade Creek
Small Waterfall Along Cascade Creek
Pool Below Waterfall Along Cascade Creek
Winds and Turns Along Cascade Creek
Cascade Creek Winding Through Autumn Forest
Cascade Creek Carving Through Rocks and Cliffs
Rocky Chasm Around Cascading Falls
Steep Rocky Cliffs Above Creek Reflection
Rocky Cliffs Rising Above Cascade Creek
Hiker Enjoying Terraced Falls
Rocky Cliffs Surrounding Terraced Falls
Terraced Falls Between Cliffs
Fall River Below Terraced Falls
Fall River in Evergreen Forest
Autumn Leaves Along Fall River
Small Waterfall Along Fall River
Cascade Creek Pouring over Falls in Dense Forest
Cascading Waterfalls in Autumn Leaves
Waterfalls Pouring over Rocks Along Cascade Creek
Hiker Admiring Waterfalls Along Cascade Creek
Waterfalls in Autumn Forest
Fall Colors Along Creek in Forest
Autumn Colors Along Cascade Creek