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Evening Sky over Mountains
Mountain in Evening Light
Rocky High Desert Mountains
Large Rocky Outcropping
Juniper Trees in Afternoon Light
Engelmann Hedgehog Cactus Flower
Juniper Trees and Cactus
Desert Mountains in Afternoon Haze
Thru-Hikers Below Cliffs
Desert Mountains in Afternoon Haze
High Desert Mountains and Hills
Thru-Hikers on the Arizona Trail
Rocky Outcroppings in Desert Mountains
Desert Mountain Foothills
Rugged Mountain Landscape
Desert Mountain Foothills
Rocky Cliffs Above Hills
Four Peaks Above Desert Mountains
Four Peaks Above Desert Valley
Four Peaks Beyond High Desert Mountains
Four Peaks Above Rocky Ridgeline
Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers
Sprawling High Desert Forest
Arching Sycamore Trees
Greenery in Reavis Ranch Area
Tree Shadows on Creek
Painted Redstart Bird
Large Juniper Tree Trunk
Dawn over the Reavis Saddle
Shaded Canyons in High Desert Forest
Shaded Canyon in High Desert Forest
Oak Trees in Sunlight
Rain Showers over Rolling Hills
Storm Clouds over Desert Mountains
Rocky Outcroppings on Mountains
Storm Clouds Above Rogers Canyon
Rocky Peaks Above Canyon Bottom
Sycamore Trees in Rocky Canyon
Mesquite Tree Abstract
Dry Creek in Canyon
Clouds Above Rogers Canyon
Rocky Mountains Beyond Rogers Canyon
Oak Forest in Rocky Canyon
Oak Forest in Canyon
Superstition Wilderness Sign
Fountaingrass Abstract
Star Trails Above Cliffs and Wildflowers
Rocky Peak Above Wildflowers
Flatiron Beyond Blooming Wildflowers
Siphon Draw Trail in Wildflowers