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Evening Over the Hudson River
Forests Below Hook Mountain
Rockland Lake and Hudson River
Sunlight Breaking Through Storm Clouds
Stormy Skies Above Tappan Zee
Great Blue Heron in Hudson River
Last Light on Clouds Above Tappan Zee
Evening Storms over the Hudson River
Storm Clouds Above Pier Remains
Evening Storms over Tree
Trees Lining Edge of Piermont Pier
Stormy Weather over Hudson River
Storm Clouds over Tappan Zee
Great Blue Heron and Tappan Zee Bridge
Stormy Weather over Hudson River
Stormy Sunset Above Hudson River
Large Storm Clouds Above Hudson River
Fireworks in Piermont
Piermont Beyond Pier
Grasses Below Sky
Frosted Grasses at Sunset
Sunset Behind Frozen Juniper Tree
Gros Ventre River Flowing Below Jackson Peak
Icy Waters of the Gros Ventre River
Ice Along Gros Ventre River
Icy River Bank Below Jackson Peak
Icy Island in the Gros Ventre River
Taggart Lake Icing Over
Snow and Ice on Taggart Lake
Gros Ventre Mountains Above Jackson Hole
Snowfall Lifting from the Grand Teton
Snowfall Lit Through Breaking Clouds
Snake River Below Snake River Mountains
Clouds and Sunset Reflected in Snake River
Last Light over Blacktail Butte
Fiery Clouds over Teton Mountains
Fiery Sunset over Cottonwood Trees
Last Light on the Sleeping Indian
Forest Road in the Wind River Mountains
Bare Tree Below Evening Sky
Silhouetted Tree Against Evening Sky
Glowing Sunset over Blacktail Butte
Glowing Sunset over the Teton Peaks
Tetons Reflected in Snake River
Early Winter Sunset Along Snake River
Big Dipper Above Tetons and Jackson Hole
Moon and Stars Above Cottonwood Trees
Crescent Moon and Sunset over Tetons
Sunset from the Valley Trail
Valley Trail Descending Into Forest