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Snowshoer Overlooking Taggart Lake in Winter
Snowshoer Looking Toward Teton Mountains in Snow
Early Snow Storm Engulfing Avalanche Canyon
Snow Showers Falling over Cascade Canyon
Shallow Rainbow in Front of the Tetons
Cottonwood Tree Against Rainbow
Rainbow Arching over Teton Mountains
Snow-Capped Tetons Above Blacktail Ponds
Black Pool Below Stormy Weather
Hot Springs Along Yellowstone Lake
Pronghorn Buck Smelling the Air
Jackson Lake Below Storms Engulfing Tetons
Stormy Sunrise over Jackson Lake
Stormy Weather over Jackson Lake and Tetons
Storms over Cascade and Hanging Canyons
Storms Moving in Over Teton Mountains
Incoming Stormy Weather over Snake River Overlook
Storm Clouds Reflected in Oxbow Bend
Stormy Reflection Below the Teton Mountains
Storm Clouds over Mount Moran
Storm Clouds Bowing over Oxbow Bend
White Pelican Below Rainbow and Mount Leidy
White Pelican Swimming Below Mount Moran
White Pelican in Stormy Oxbow Bend
Dark Storm Clouds over Willow Flats
Storm Clouds Breaking over Willow Flats
Stormy Weather Consuming Mount Moran
Storms Swirling over Jackson Lake
Storms Arching over Jackson Lake
Storms over Jackson Lake
Storm Clouds Swirling over Oxbow Bend
Grand Prismatic Spring Above Built Up Terraces
Sinter Buildup Below Grand Prismatic Spring
Sour Lake in a Snow Storm
Elk Along Yellowstone River
Steam Rising Above Artist Paintpots
Thermal Features in Artist Paint Pots
Tetons Beyond Western Jackson
Western Jackson Below Tetons
Spring Fog Clearing from Tetons
Snow Melt Pond Below Teton Mountains
Distant Bison Herd Below Grand Teton
Fog Clearing from Buck Mountain
Dark Storm Clouds over Highest Teton Peaks
Buck Mountain Below Dark Storms
Stormy Weather Above Buck Mountain
Dark Clouds Above Grand Teton
Thunderstorms Passing over Sleeping Indian
Bike Path Below Storm Remnants
Mammatus Clouds over Teton Mountains