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Josie's Ridge Trail Above Jackson Hole
Storm Clouds Passing over Jackson
Storm Clouds Reflected in Oxbow Bend
Stormy Reflection Below the Teton Mountains
Storm Clouds over Mount Moran
Storm Clouds Bowing over Oxbow Bend
White Pelican Below Rainbow and Mount Leidy
White Pelican Swimming Below Mount Moran
White Pelican in Stormy Oxbow Bend
Dark Storm Clouds over Willow Flats
Storm Clouds Breaking over Willow Flats
Storms Swirling over Jackson Lake
Storms Arching over Jackson Lake
Storms over Jackson Lake
Storm Clouds Swirling over Oxbow Bend
Storm Clouds Passing over Snake River Overlook
Grand Prismatic Spring Above Built Up Terraces
Sinter Buildup Below Grand Prismatic Spring
Dead Trees Lying in Runoff
Dead Tree Standing in Sinter
Dead Trees Stretching Toward Grand Prismatic
Midway Geyser Basin Breaking Up Forest
Forest Surrounding Grand Prismatic Spring
People Observing Grand Prismatic Spring
Grand Prismatic Spring Steaming Above Forest
Grand Prismatic Spring Under Storm Clouds
Trees on Bar at Gull Point
Stormy Weather over Gull Point
Storm Clouds Above Josie's Ridge Trail
Town of Jackson Below Josie's Ridge
Rain Showers Above Josie's Ridge
Tetons Beyond Western Jackson
Western Jackson Below Tetons
Snow Melt Pond Below Teton Mountains
Distant Bison Herd Below Grand Teton
Fog Clearing from Buck Mountain
Dark Storm Clouds over Highest Teton Peaks
Buck Mountain Below Dark Storms
Stormy Weather Above Buck Mountain
Dark Clouds Above Grand Teton
Thunderstorms Passing over Sleeping Indian
Bike Path Below Storm Remnants
Mammatus Clouds over Teton Mountains
Bike Path in Golden Light
Sagebrush Glowing Below Storm Clouds
Fiery Storms over Teton Mountains
Tetons Bathed in Warm Light
Golden Storm Clouds over Tetons
Light Rays in Stormy Winter Weather
Colorado River Below Sunlit Cliffs