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Forest Stream in Late Winter
Forest Stream in Late Winter
Forest of Bare Trees
Old Carriage Road in Late Winter
Rock Wall Along Trail
Witch's Spring Trail Below Winter Trees
Pocantico River Below Winter Trees
Pocantico River Bridge Along Trail
Pocantico River Trail in Evergreens
Evergreens Along Pocantico River Trail
Pocantico River in Late Winter
Old Carriage Road Bridge
Witch's Spring Trail Ascending Hill
Witch's Spring Trail in Late Winter
Gory Brook and Witch's Spring Trail
Bridge Along Witch's Spring Trail
Retaining Rock Wall Along Carriage Road
Pocantico River Cascading over Rocks
Large Trees Along Trail
Pocantico River and Small Rapids
Bridge Over Pocantico River
Trees Along Pocantico River Trail
Old Croton Aqueduct in Winter
Pelton Pond Frozen Over
Ice on Pelton Pond
Evergreens Around Pelton Pond
Winter Hiking Path
Tracks in Snow
Ice Flowing from Trees
Bare Trees in Ice
Frozen Wetlands
Hickory Trees Along Creek
Fall Leaves Along Sycamore Trail
Creek Reflection Along Sycamore Trail
Fallen Leaves Around Creek
Fall Colors over Sal's Branch Trail
Spotted Orbweaver Spider
Creek and Late Fall Leaves
Fall Leaf on Ground
Roots of a Hickory Tree
Hiking Trail in Southern Forest
Sal's Branch Trail in Forest
Rocky Hiking Trail on Bear Mountain
Green Leaf with Fall Leaves
Fall Colors Abstract
Pine Needles Below Fall Colors
Fall Trees Above Hiking Trail
Fall Color Forest on Bear Mountain