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Old Pipe Along Pocantico River
Piermont Marsh Below Tallman Mountain
Road Passing Through Forest
Forests Below Hook Mountain
Tappan Zee Below Cloudy Skies
Fallen Birch Tree
Rockland Lake and Hudson River
Sunlight Breaking Through Storm Clouds
Stormy Skies Above Tappan Zee
Tappan Zee Bridge Beyond Mountains
Steep Rocky Slope
Wetlands Pond Along Long Path
Collapsing Building Ruins
Old Dam Ruins
Piermont Marsh Below Palisades
Array of Fallen Branches
Steps Along Hiking Trail
Hiker on Hiking Steps
Trees in Forest
Sprouting Plant on Branch
Diverse Plantlife on Forest Floor
Rocky Hillside in Forest
Small Creek in Lush Forest
Arching Trees Above Trail
Ruins Slowly Being Reclaimed
Entryway to Old Cellar Ruins
Cellar Ruins Beneath Tree Canopy
Cellar Ruins in Forest
Forest Around Cellar Ruins
Old Cellar Entryway
Door Hinge with Ruins
House Entryway Ruins
Property Ruins Along Creek
Wall Ruins Along Trail
Cascades and Bash Bish Falls
Early Autumn Leaf in Stream
Trees Growing Along Bash Bish Brook
Rocks and Cliffs Around Bash Bish Falls
Vegetation Around Bash Bish Falls
Pool Below Bash Bish Falls
Strong Flow at Bash Bish Falls
Bash Bish Falls Along Bash Bish Brook
Bash Bish Falls
Small Creek Along Meadow
Sycamore Trees Along Hiking Trail
Old Carriage Road Below Arching Trees
Carriage Road Bridge
Wide Gravel Trail Under Summer Forest
New York City from Little Tor