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Hiker Standing in North Window
North Window Above Trail
North Window and Windows Trail
Looking Out from Double Arch
Double Arch
Park Avenue Above Canyon
Waterpocket Below Park Avenue
The Organ Above Wash
The Organ Above Rocky Wash
Waterpocket in Wash
Abstract Patterns Surrounding Wash
Turret Arch Under Cloudy Skies
Moon Through North Window
Juniper Tree Below Moon
Log Below Skyline Arch
Skyline Arch and Juniper Tree
Yucca Plants in Sand
Hiker Between Sandstone Fins
Juniper Log on Sand
Juniper Tree Against Wall
Sandstone Walls Abstract
Juniper Tree Behind Navajo Arch
Hiker Doing a Yoga Pose
Navajo Arch and Juniper Trees
Abstract at Navajo Arch
Juniper Trees Along Trail
Partition Arch and Snow
Blackbrush and Desert Vegetation
Sandstone Fins Along Devil's Garden Trail
Winter on Devil's Garden Trail
Hiker on Sandstone Fin
Pinyon Pine Against Sandstone
Black Arch Overlook
Hiker Relaxing Above Valley
Female Hiker Overlooking Valley
Ice in Waterpocket
Snow on Sandstone Fins
Devil's Garden Trail
Sandstone Fins
Devil's Garden Trail in Slickrock
Landscape Arch
Night Sky Above Southern Utah
Night Sky Above Juniper Tree
Night Sky Above Kaiparowits Plateau
Night Sky Above Grand Staircase
Sunset Rain Showers
Sunset Storm Clouds
Sunset Storm Clouds
Sunset Storm Clouds
Sunset Storm Clouds over Canyons